The Benefits of Boron and Why Men Need to Learn about This Trace Mineral

According to a source at the US National Library of Medicine, boron is an incredibly important trace mineral. Not only does it help keep the body strong by strengthening bones and enhancing the body’s ability to recover from wounds, but it also boosts the body’s levels of vitamin D and testosterone. Guess what? A source at the National Institutes of Health credits testosterone as being the hormone of the greatest importance in a man. Most men believe this fact as well. After all, virility is synonymous with a strong sex drive, fantastic energy, and powerful strength. In essence, testosterone clearly determines the man. Without it, weakness, low libido, and lethargy set in and disrupt the happiness quotient.

This quest to be the best version of himself often takes a man along a path to testosterone boosting supplements. These alternative medicines come in a wide variety and contain potent ingredients chosen carefully for their ability to boost a man’s sex hormones. One of these ingredients is boron. If you haven’t yet tried a formula containing boron, you may want to think about doing so. Boron may not have been given the title “wonder drug,” but it certainly offers some amazing perks.

What Is Boron?

Boron is a trace mineral that is rare in its purest form. It was created by supernovae and cosmic ray spallation, which explains its low abundance as an element. It is found naturally in small amounts in the environment as well as in food.  Much of today’s boron is mined in countries such as Turkey, the United States, and Chile. Common compounds of boron are more plentiful and include borates, borax, boric acid, ulexite, kernite, and colemanite. Boron supplements are prescribed when a patient has a deficiency in this mineral.

How Does Boron Work?

The positive nature of boron comes from its ability to enhance the performance of other minerals within the body. This is a powerful mineral that can influence how well a person feels, performs, and functions. In particular, boron produces a boost in the capabilities of phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium.

Phosphorus helps the body to maintain a normal pH balance while making teeth and bones strong. It also aids the human body in producing energy.

Magnesium delivers a wide array of benefits for the body, including optimizing immunity, strengthening bones, maintaining heart stability, boosting energy levels, and enhancing the body’s production of protein.

Calcium, which is the most plentiful mineral in the human body, is centralized in the teeth and bones. It helps to keep them strong, while also making the muscles contract, the heart beat, and the blood clot.

What Are the Benefits of Boron?

Boron offers a number of proven benefits to the human body. These capabilities include assisting in each of the following processes:

  • Building strong, healthy bones
  • Treating osteoarthritis
  • Building strong muscles
  • Improving muscle coordination
  • Boosting testosterone levels
  • Easing menstruation cramps
  • Enhancing cognitive skills, including the ability to think

Why Is Boron Used in Testosterone Boosting Supplements?

Male testosterone boosting supplements are designed to increase stamina and the ability to perform with a T-boost that keeps a man strong and in charge of his game. It is a natural and safe ingredient that promotes a man’s overall well-being on such a grand scale that it only makes sense to include it in a male supplement intended to deliver a testosterone boost.

Male-Performance Benefits of Boron

Boosting male performance is often a lifelong quest. After all, a man is only as virile as he feels. Unfortunately, as a man ages, testosterone levels begin to fade away along with the feeling of being able to excel in all aspects of life.

Due to its ability to boost T-levels while also enhancing other bodily processes, boron is often included as an ingredient in the testosterone boosting supplement. By increasing testosterone levels, you can improve your overall well-being, boost energy levels, enhance vitality, and rejuvenate your sex drive. In short, a boron-infused T-boost might just be what the doctor ordered.

Health Benefits of Boron

A male that maintains optimal levels of boron is able to achieve the following beneficial results:

  • Maintaining optimal levels of sexual health
  • Enhancing the production of total and free testosterone
  • Assisting the body in metabolizing vitamin D
  • Lowering estrogen levels
  • Minimizing inflammation
  • Strengthening the bones and joints
  • Improving levels of dihydrotestosterone (a sex hormone)

Clinical Studies

According to a study researching the connection between boron and free testosterone, a daily dose of only 10 mg is sufficient to boost levels by as much as 28%. Men involved in this study took a boron supplement for only one week, suggesting that more studies should be conducted. Even so, the results are fairly impressive.

A scientific study conducted at the Department of Orthopedic Medicine at the University of Novi Sad looked into the benefit of increasing intake of boron in regard to an individual’s vitamin D levels. All participants took a boron supplement obtained from Calcium Fructoborate of 6 mg for 60 days. The results showed an increase of more than 19% in vitamin D levels. This study took before and after readings for free testosterone and found that participant levels increased by 29.5%. You may be wondering what vitamin D has to do with your testosterone levels. Well, this vitamin plays a big role in helping your body produce sufficient levels of testosterone, so it only makes sense that you need vitamin D to reap the benefits of healthy T-levels.

Boron and Free Testosterone

Free testosterone is an important part of losing fat, gaining strength, and building muscle. It helps fine tune your body until it is sleek, powerful, and strong. Boron promotes an increase in total testosterone by reducing the level of sex hormone binding globulin in the blood. As total testosterone increases, so does your level of free testosterone.

Precautions to Consider

While boron is safe for most people to ingest or apply topically, some individuals should avoid using it if possible. Anyone with poor kidney functioning or disease should not take any boron supplements at all. Boron must be eliminated through the kidneys. Taking boron supplements makes the kidneys work harder, putting them in danger of worsening their condition.


Most people obtain some quantity of boron from their diets, obtaining this substance from foods such as almonds, walnuts, avocados, chick peas, onions, carrots, red apples, red grapes, beans, oranges, prunes, pears, potatoes, raisins, and honey. Ideally, it sounds as though you should be able to get quite a bit of boron from your diet. However, unless you focus on eating these particular foods every day, it isn’t likely that you will, which is why many people turn to boron supplementation.

At present, no recommended daily allowance is set in place for this mineral. Some sources suggest that supplementation between 3 and 10 mg may be the optimal level for most individuals. However, a number of studies suggest the dosage should be more than 10 mg to achieve optimal results in adults looking to significantly increase testosterone levels. The maximum dosage is set at 20 mg for adults and 17 mg for adolescents.

As long as dosage recommendations are followed carefully, boron is considered safe to ingest or apply topically. The maximum daily dosage should never exceed 20 mg for adults whether it is taken orally or applied to the body.

If you think your testosterone needs a boost, trying a supplement containing boron can make all the difference. Each ingredient in a testosterone boosting supplement should be carefully chosen to enhance the overall impact it has on a man’s health. It isn’t enough just to boost a man’s testosterone. Through the inclusion of boron, our t-boosting supplement promotes the body’s ability to utilize this increase, optimizing the results.