5 Pick-Me-Up Mood Boosters to Improve Your Day Fast

mood boosters

When you feel down, your productivity dips with your mood. Tasks seem harder than usual to manage, and your energy and enthusiasm plummets. However, you can improve your day fast with pick-me-up mood boosters.

Walk back to happiness

Exercise is a great high-energy mood improver. When you get moving, your system creates feel-good chemicals to lift your emotions. You might not feel like jogging, but you can probably manage to go for a walk. To supercharge the benefits of walking, go to a natural environment. Nature provides healing surroundings that relieve anxiety and tension. Visiting your local park, the beach, or the countryside will help you connect with nature and feel better.

Take a shower

Studies show the feeling of water on your skin as you shower can promote happy feelings. Thus, when you need an instant pick-me-up, hop into the shower and tap into its healing qualities. Focus on the water splashing on your skin, and imagine it boosting joy. Add to happy feelings by using an aromatherapy shower gel, or another soap product with a scent you love to lift your mood. Rinse with tepid water to stimulate vitality and put a spring in your step.


Children recognize the benefits of singing happy songs. They have no fear of belting out a melody, even if they are out of tune. By the time they are adults, though, they are liable to forget how therapeutic it is to let rip with their favorite music and dance around singing. When you’re blue, boost a happy mood with a song. Too scared to sing where you can be overheard? Sing in the car or the shower at the top of your lungs where no one can hear you. Want to dance too? Play music loud at home. Shut the windows and sing along with energizing songs.

Watch a video of cute animals

Seriously, as cheesy as it sounds, watching adorable animals fool around on YouTube videos can brighten your mood fast. Not an animal lover? Find funny clips to watch or a comedy show on the TV. Alternatively, just hang out with friends with a sense of humor. Being around others who are in a good mood can boost your own joy.

Get rid of clutter

Scrubbing the house may not be fun, but getting rid of clutter is amazingly satisfying. When you go through piles of junk and pull out the clutter you’ve hidden in corners and under the bed, you’ll find sweet relief from the blues. The psychological benefits gained will outweigh the effort made to create space. Once the mess has gone, your mood will lift.

When you’re down and blue, pick-me-up mood boosters can improve your day no end. Get moving and take a walk, or have a therapeutic shower. Sing, focus on cute animal footage or humor, and get rid of clutter. If you’re really in a funk, do all of these activities, and you’ll feel great. Your stress will fade, and your happiness will overflow