12 Unexpected Things You Do Daily That Lead To Gaining Weight

unexpected weight gain

Are you experiencing unexplained weight gain? Are you eating right and exercising but still putting on extra pounds?

There is always an explanation for weight gain, but some of the reasons people gain weight can be hard to spot. If you’re gaining weight and don’t know why, then you might want to consider these 12 possibilities.

1. Constipation Can Lead To Weight Gain

Some people digest their food more slowly than others, and sometimes excrement is difficult to expel.

When your digestive system is being held up, it can cause problems like inflammation and bloat, as well as water retention. The culprit in these types of situations is usually a lack of balance of bacteria in the gut. Try adding probiotics to your diet.

2. Are You Drinking Enough Water Daily?

Not drinking enough water could be contributing to your weight problem. Research has shown that people who don’t drink enough water are more likely to be obese than those who are properly hydrated.

That could be because drinking enough water helps keep you feeling full or because people who don’t get an adequate amount of water are more likely to drink soda, juice and other options that are bad for weight loss.

3. Too Much Stress is Never a Good Thing

Stress can cause you to eat more. That’s because pressure creates a hormone in your body called cortisol, which increases your appetite and leads you to gain weight. It can also cause a drop in blood sugar which makes you crave high-calorie foods.

4. Do You Use a Shopping Basket or Cart?

Do you choose a shopping basket or a cart when you shop? One study shows that people with baskets are more likely to be overweight. Researchers believe it’s because they are prone to impulse shopping, which makes them more likely to grab unhealthy items.

5. Focusing on Calories Isn’t Necessarily a Good Thing

When you look at weight loss mathematically, it makes sense that eating more calories will cause weight gain, while consuming fewer calories will cause weight loss. In general, that is true; eating a low-calorie diet will cause you to lose weight in the short run.

The problem is that when you don’t give your body the right nutrients, you can become sick and sluggish, and the diet is tough to sustain. Eating nutritious foods will help you lose weight in a healthy, more permanent way.

6. Not Lifting Weights Could Be Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Cardio is an integral part of a healthy exercise routine, but skipping weight lifting can slow or stop your weight loss. That’s because muscles burn calories, so building your muscles is important.

7. Are You Constantly Adding Too Much Salt To Your Food?salt weight gain

Salt is a serious offender when it comes to retaining water, and too much salt can cause you to crave fatty foods. Watch for excess salt in canned beans and vegetables and any prepackaged meals.

8. Life Happens, We Get Older. It Doesn’t Have To Lead To Weight Gain

Unfortunately, aging is a factor in weight gain. As you age, your muscle mass tends to break down. That causes your metabolism to drop, and you gain weight.

Fight this consequence of aging by sticking to an exercise program that includes building muscles.

9. Not Getting Enough Sleep Leads To More Than Weight Gain

Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough sleep also tend to struggle with their weight. That is probably because a lack of sleep can make you too tired to exercise and can seriously damage your ability to control yourself when it comes to healthy food choices.

An insufficient amount of sleep can also cause an imbalance in hormones that control your sensation of being hungry or full.

10. Did You Know Protein Helps You Lose Weight?

Protein is essential to weight loss because it is the key building block of muscles. Low muscle mass causes metabolism to slow which leads to higher body fat.

Not consuming protein may also cause you to feel tired, which can make your exercise less efficient.

11. Side Effects of Some Medications May Be Weight Gain

Many medications list weight gain as a potential side effect. Birth control, anti-depressants, steroids and even allergy medications may cause you to gain weight.

Speak to your doctor if this is a concern for you.

12. Do You Have Unknown Medical Issues?

Some people also gain weight due to medical problems. An under-active thyroid can cause unexplained weight gain or an inability to lose weight. Other conditions and illnesses that can cause weight gain are PCOS and Cushing’s syndrome.

Have your doctor rule out these conditions if you don’t know why you are gaining weight.

Gaining weight can be a frustrating experience, especially if you believe you are making healthy choices when it comes to food and exercise. If you can’t seem to get control of your weight, then ask yourself if one of these 12 issues could be the problem.