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This Brain Boosting Class of Supplements Could Be Your Secret Weapon To More Than A Clear Head

Are you looking to give your brain a boost? Could nootropics be the secret weapon you need to clear the cobwebs from your head, increase attention span, maintain your energy level, boost your memory, and improve your ability to concentrate and focus on events going on around you? If you’d like to get your mental acuity to the level you think it belongs, you are probably looking for a supplement that makes significant changes in the way your brain functions. Nootropics could be just what you need.brain fog

Several kinds of natural plants, roots, and herbs fall into the category of nootropics, a widely recognized group of substances that deliver more than the quick burst of energy you get from drinking a cup of strong coffee. In fact, nootropics provide ongoing levels of energy and enhanced focus throughout your day rather than simply the short boost you receive after drinking a caffeinated beverage. Sound good? Of course it does, because most people today lead busy lives that have more of everything they need except time and energy. How often have you heard someone say “If only I could bottle that energy” about a two-year-old running around nonstop and getting into everything? You might even have said it yourself. While you aren’t the one to discover nootropics – ancient civilizations did that for today’s world, you can certainly benefit from them.

Whether you are noticing age-related memory loss or you are so stressed out that you can’t think clearly, including nootropics in your daily health regimen might be something to consider. “Nootropics” is the name coined by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea, and it refers to a group of chemicals that deliver cognitive benefits to the brain. Some of these substances occur naturally in the foods that we eat, while others are man-made.

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Since it takes a lot of research and evidence for a substance to make it to the list of nootropics, you can safely assume that each of them actually performs well in boosting a person’s ability to concentrate, recall details, feel energized, and perform at enhanced levels to what they did previously prior to including nootropics in their daily regimen of supplements. After all, you wouldn’t go without your morning cup of coffee or quick jog in the morning to get your day started, would you? Well, you might if you consider that nootropics could just be your secret weapon to a clear head and a more successful day.

While some people might consider nootropics to be miracle drugs, for the average individual, these substances are simply smart drugs or cognitive enhancers. Miracle drugs are few and far between, even in today’s times. Nonetheless, the importance of any substance that enhances cognitive abilities cannot be overlooked, particularly as most people experience some decline in how well their brains function as they age.

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Cognitive enhances are beneficial in several ways. They can improve the memory so that people remember things more quickly or in greater detail. They amplify people’s ability to focus on a conversation or on a task at hand. These substances typically allow people to process information more quickly than when they had not taken them. Plus, they help sustain levels of energy to get people through their day without relying on coffee, tea, or energy drinks.improving memory

Meeting the Criterion for Nootropics

It’s important to realize that before a substance can be listed as a nootropic, it must be able to show that it provides five critical features. It must be able to:
Improve the ability to learn new things, while also enhancing an individual’s memory recall. The two of these processes actually go hand-in-hand, since it is easier to learn new things if you can remember what you are being taught.
Amplify the effectiveness of neuronal firing control mechanisms taking place within the sub-cortical and cortical areas of the brain.
Assist the brain in functioning even under conditions such as when the brain isn’t receiving proper levels of oxygen. Typically, the brain’s functionality diminishes when disruptive activity occurs. Nootropics would intervene and help the brain to function as normally as possible given the circumstances.
Protect the brain against physical and/or chemical attacks that might occur.
Produce a minimal number of side effects or none at all. In essence, it must be non-toxic.

Here Are The Best Ingredients To Look For In Nootropics

Several of the ingredients commonly used in nootropic supplements fall into a grouping of herbal remedies chosen for their ability to enhance well-being – both physically and mentally. They include Choline bitartrate, Bacopa monnieri, Guarana seed, and Korean ginseng powder.

Choline Bitartratecholine nootropic

Choline is an important nutrient that assists the body in many ways. It helps support energy levels, enhances liver function, promotes healthy nerve function, improves muscle movement, promotes healthy metabolism, and supports normal brain function. Although choline has been recognized as an essential nutrient for an individual’s well-being, the discussion is still open on just how much you should get. Even so, it’s easy to see that a substance offering assistance in so many areas of the body’s functioning should be included in your daily diet. While you can get some from the foods that you eat, supplemental dosages might offer the easiest method of ensuring your body has enough for optimal performance. Choline is found naturally in liver, cauliflower, soybeans, broccoli, eggs, and some types of fish, including cod and salmon.

Bacopa Monnieribacopa nootropic

Bacopa monnieri is listed as a nootropic as well as an Ayurvedic herb. Typically, its use is designed to improve neural functionality along with enhancing memory capability. Also known as water hyssop, Bacopa monnieri has been used in a variety of herbal remedies for many years, particularly those designed to enhance cognitive capabilities. Studies have shown that it is useful in boosting memory functionality as well as alleviating anxiety. However, it is best used in combination with other herbal supplements, particularly because it can make a rested person so relaxed that they feel less inclined to do anything.

Guarana Seedguarana seed nootropic

Guarana seed has been used for medicinal reasons for many centuries. It comes from the red berries of the guarana tree, which is a type of shrub-like evergreen found in Brazil. It is often included in snack and food items or brewed as a hot beverage. Guarana is also found as a supplement, but dosages need to be carefully monitored when taken by itself. Since it contains caffeine, only small quantities are used to avoid the irritability and insomnia that can occur when people become over caffeinated. When taken in the right dosage, guarana seed is known to enhance energy levels for the long haul while also improving cognitive abilities.

Korean Ginseng Powderkorean ginseng nootropic

One of the most commonly used ingredients in health supplements, Korean ginseng powder has a long history of therapeutic use. It is ground from the dried roots of ginseng plants, and studies have shown that when used as a supplement, Korean ginseng powder offers improvement in several areas, including energy levels, memory function, and physical performance, while also alleviating feelings of anxiety.

The discovery of nootropics has a well-recognized existence over the course of many centuries. It isn’t something new, and it is quickly becoming a point of interest for people looking to find natural ways to improve their capabilities along with their endurance.